Customizing the Toolbox

When you log in to Admin Center, you view the Toolbox, which contains tools such as the Server Config and Explore. If your server hosts a collective controller, you can access the Deploy tool.

The Deploy tool requires the unzip command to be installed and added to your PATH environment variable. The Deploy tool calls the unzip command remotely to extract .zip files.

If you configured the batchManagement-1.0 feature, you can access the Java Batch tool.

Open Liberty In version and later, see the Open Liberty website for Admin Center documentation.

About this task

Add tools and bookmarks to edit the Toolbox contents. A tool is a web application that performs a particular task and is typically provided by the product. A bookmark is a link to any site. You can further customize your Toolbox by rearranging icons, filtering Toolbox contents, or editing preferences. Select tools, bookmarks, and menu choices in the Toolbox to use the following options:



  • Select the icon for the tool or bookmark to work with an existing tool or to open a browser on a bookmarked URL.
  • Add tools.
    1. Select Edit Edit icon > Add tool The Add tool icon > Add Tool.
    2. Select the Add icon The Add icon on the tool that you want to add.
    3. Click Add. Your tool is added.
    4. Select Toolbox The Toolbox icon to return to the Toolbox and view your added tool.

    After you add a tool, use the Toolbox to launch the tool. To directly launch the tool later, you can use the URL that is shown in the browser when you view the tool.

  • Remove tools.
    1. Select Edit The Edit icon.
    2. Select the Remove icon The Remove icon to remove a tool.
    3. Click Remove to confirm that you want to remove the tool.
    4. Select Done The Done icon to return to the Toolbox.
  • Add or remove bookmarks.
    1. Select Edit The Edit icon > Add tool The Add tool icon > Add Bookmark.
    2. Name your bookmark and add the URL. Select Add to add the bookmark to your Toolbox. To remove the bookmark, select the bookmark and then click the remove icon The Remove icon.
    3. Select Done The one icon to return to the Toolbox.
  • Rearrange tool and bookmark icons.
    1. Select Edit The Edit icon.
    2. Click and Drag the icons into the order that you prefer.
    3. Select Done The Done icon to return to the Toolbox.
  • Filter toolbox contents.
    1. Select Filter The Filter icon.
    2. Type the tool or bookmark name in the field.
      Filtered search results are shown if the characters typed match the names of Toolbox contents.
    3. After you search, select Clear filter criteria The Clear filter criteria icon to close the field.
  • Edit your preferences.
    1. Select User User icon > Preferences.
    2. Activate Enable bidirectional support to specify whether text displays left to right, the default, or displays right to left. Select Contextual for the first typed character to determine the direction. When the first character is in a language such as Arabic or Hebrew, control orientation and typing direction become right to left, with right alignment for text.
    3. Select Toolbox Toolbox icon to return to the Toolbox.
  • Uninstall an Admin Center tool.

    By default, the Toolbox contains Admin Center tools such as the Explore tool and, if the server hosts a collective controller, the Deploy tool. You can use the feature manager to uninstall Admin Center tools to fully customize your Toolbox. Run the uninstall command for featureManager. For example, if you use DevOps, you uninstall the Deploy tool by using the following command:

    wlp/bin/featureManager uninstall

    Admin Center tools use the* naming format:


What to do next

Your selections are saved for the user name that was specified when you logged in. If you log in under the same user name, the Toolbox shows the same tool, bookmark, and preference selections as when you last logged out. If you log in under a different user name, the Toolbox shows the selections for that other user name.