Removing access to third-party APIs for a Java EE application

By default, Java™ EE applications do not have access to the third-party APIs available in Liberty. You can also remove access explicitly in the server.xml file, or an included file.

About this task

In the following example, an application called Scholar has previously been configured to access third-party APIs, as described in Accessing third-party APIs from a Java EE application. You want to remove this access, and to make it explicit in the configuration that the application now uses the default access setting.

The application also uses a common library called Alexandria. This library is in the ${server.config.dir}/mylib/Alexandria directory.


  1. Configure class loading for the application, to show that the application can no longer access the third-party APIs.
    In the server.xml file, or an included file, remove third-party from the set of values included for the apiTypeVisibility attribute:
    <application id="scholar" name="Scholar" type="ear" location="scholar.ear">
      <classloader apiTypeVisibility="spec, ibm-api, stable" commonLibraryRef="Alexandria" />
  2. Optional: If the application uses any common libraries, set those libraries to use the same API type visibility setting.
    In the server.xml file, or an included file, add the following code:
    <library id="Alexandria" apiTypeVisibility="spec, ibm-api, stable">
      <fileset dir="${server.config.dir}/mylib/Alexandria" includes="*.jar" scanInterval="5s" />