Auditing Liberty events

You can report and track audit Liberty events to ensure the integrity of your system. You can sign and encrypt audit logs and also decrypt and unsign them.

About this task

The Liberty Audit feature can capture the following auditable events:
  • Basic authentication
  • Management of the audit service
  • Form login authentication
  • Client certificate authentication
  • Servlet runAs delegation
  • Failover to basic authentication
  • Unprotected servlet authorization
  • Servlet 3.0 APIs: login/logout/authenticate
  • JACC web authorization
  • JASPI authentication
  • Form logout
  • JACC EJB authorization
  • EJB delegation
  • SCIM operations/member management
  • Dynamic audit feature handling
  • EJB authorization
  • JMX MBean operations
  • JMX Notifications
  • JMX MBean registration
  • JMX MBean attribute operations
  • JMS Authentication
  • JMS Authorization