Migrating JAX-RPC applications to Liberty

WebSphere® Application Server Liberty does not support JAX-RPC services or clients. However, the Liberty JAX-RPC conversion tool can convert JAX-RPC applications to JAX-WS applications that can run on Liberty.

About this task

The Liberty JAX-RPC conversion tool can validate whether a traditional WebSphere application that uses JAX-RPC technology can be converted into an application that uses JAX-WS technology. If the application passes validation, the tool can convert the application binary to JAX-WS so that it can run on Liberty.

This tool is available to licensed WebSphere Application Server Liberty users from IBM Fix Central as either a Maven plug-in or a Gradle plug-in. Both plug-ins support conversion of JAX-RPC client and service applications. This tool handles only JAX-RPC conversion. IBM also offers the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries, which can analyze your application for potential migration issues other than the use of JAX-RPC technology.

After you install this plug-in in your local Maven or Gradle repository, it is available to any user who is authorized to the local file system. The user must have read-level access to the applications or WSDL files that are referenced in the plug-in configuration in their Maven or Gradle project. If applications or WSDL files exist that must not be validated or converted by this plug-in, ensure that access to those files or directories is restricted on the local file system.


To install and run the Liberty JAX-RPC conversion tool, follow the steps for your chosen build tool.