IBM Workload Automation on Cloud

The cloud agent

Workload Automation on Cloud provides a pre-installed cloud agent for scheduling and running jobs and job streams.

A cloud agent is automatically provisioned and maintained for you when you request a Workload Automation on Cloud trial.

The agent can run commands interacting with the external world, for example, RESTful services. It is a shared agent that is completely managed by Workload Automation on Cloud and does not allow access to the file system. If you need to access the file system, for example to upload files and scripts, you can define a hybrid environment, as described in Hybrid scheduling environment.

You can create your application by composing micro-services with REST calls, without needing advanced programming skills. All necessary information about creating and running processes in Workload Automation on Cloud is available in the API documentation. To view the documentation, connect to the https://<hostname_offering>/twsd/ link, where hostname_offering is the hostname of your tenant.

The following considerations apply:
  • You can use the cloud agent to run all Workload Automation on Cloud plug-ins. For more information about supported plug-ins, see Automate business processes.
  • High availability is not supported. This means that if the agent disconnects, all the processes you submitted are queued and will be run when the agent reconnects.
  • You cannot log in to the system where it is installed, because it is a cloud-based agent
You can monitor, control, and troubleshoot your agent from the Dynamic Workload Console. From the navigation toolbar, click Monitoring and Reporting > Monitor Workload. Set the object type to Workstation and click Run to display all of the agent workstations in your environment with details about the status of each one. The cloud agent is listed with the name <your_environment_ID>_CLOUD, where
is the ID assigned to your subscription.