What's new for developers?

The following new extension points and enhancements are available for developers in IBM Verse® On-Premises 1.0.5.

  • A new extension point, com.ibm.verse.ext.css, lets you use standard CSS to customize the Verse user interface. Your style sheet is inserted as an internal style sheet in Verse pages.
  • You can replace the IBM® Sametime® chat integration in Verse with a third-party chat application such as Jabber.
  • The extension points com.ibm.action.menu and com.ibm.action.menu.link previously supported for Verse in the cloud are now supported for Verse On-Premises. These extension points let you add your own menus and menu links to the navigation bar.
  • The following extension points are supported for offline mode:
    • com.ibm.action.link
    • com.ibm.action.delete
    • com.ibm.action.menu
    • com.ibm.action.menu.link
    • com.ibm.verse.ext.css

For more information, see the IBM Verse developers site.