How do I share and link to my files?

IBM Verse goes beyond simple file attachments by allowing you to share files and link to folders in the cloud. When composing a message, you can select files from your computer or files and folders from Connections in the cloud.

You can attach a local file from your computer to a mail message, or link to a Connections File. Connections Files can be added to the message as links so that recipients always have access to the latest version. If you have a file on your computer and have not had time to upload it to the cloud, you can do so and link to it in one step while composing your message. You can also include a link to Connections Files folders.

People in your organization who have Connections accounts are automatically given access to the files and folders you share with them.

Attach or link to a file or folder

Attach a file from the cloud

Linked file and folder

In addition, Verse gives you the option to upload a local file on your computer to Connections Files and share it as a link in your message in one step.

When reading a message, you can also view attachments and Connections Files directly in Verse with one click. You can download attachments and upload attachments to My Files with one click . Simply click the Add to Files icon Add to files icon to add an attachment to Connections Files. If you click an attachment that is an Open Office document, or a Microsoft Office presentation, spreadsheet, or document, you can view the file before you download it, as well.

Box integration with IBM Verse

If your system administrator has enabled it, you can share files from Box seamlessly with Verse when composing or viewing mail. When composing, select the Box icon to choose a file from your Box repository to attach. You can also attach folders as well as files, using Box.

When viewing mail, click any of the file attachments or location links with a Box icon to download, preview, or open their location in Box.