Adding cache memory to a system

You can install Option FC ACHB: 8 GB Cache Update in an operational system.

If the option is being installed during the installation of a new control enclosure, refer to Installing an 8 GB cache memory update.

The Cache Update option consists of a 4 GB memory module. When added to a node canister, the total memory in the canister increases to 8 GB. The option is installed in the node canisters in the control enclosure. The same options must be installed in all canisters in a control enclosure. If you have a dual node canister enclosure, do not start installation until you have two of the Option FC ACHB: 8 GB Cache Update Options available.

If you have a dual node canister control enclosure, you can install the option while the system continues to operate using the canister that is not being updated.
  1. Update all nodes in the cluster to release or later.
  2. Remove one canister and add the option; then, reinstall the canister.
  3. Wait for the host system multi-pathing drivers to stabilize.
  4. Remove the other canister and install the option in it.

Alternatively, you might prefer to stop the system before you add the options.