Installing an 8 GB cache memory update

If you purchased an FC ACHB 8 GB Cache Update option that was not pre-installed for you, you must install it.

Before you begin

The 8 GB Cache Update option is installed in the node canisters in the control enclosure. If your control enclosure has two node canisters, you must install the same options in both canisters. Do not start installation until you have two of the Cache Update options.

About this task

The Cache Update option consists of a 4 GB memory module. When added to a node canister, it increases the total memory in the canister to 8 GB.

The memory module is inserted into memory slot 2, located between the existing memory module and the battery (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Where to install the cache memory update
Image of node canister interior, showing location where cache memory update is installed


To install the memory module option, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the retaining clip on each end of the memory module connector as shown in Figure 2.
    Attention: To avoid breaking the retaining clips or damaging the memory module connectors, open and close the clips gently.
    Figure 2. Installing memory module option
    Image of open canister showing installation of memory module option
  2. Touch the static-protective package that contains the memory module to any unpainted metal surface on the outside of the canister.
  3. Remove the memory module from the package.
  4. Turn the memory module so that the keys align correctly with the connector.
  5. Insert the memory module into the connector by aligning the edges of the module with the slots at the ends of the connector (see Figure 2).
  6. Firmly press the memory module straight down into the connector by applying pressure on both ends of the module simultaneously. The retaining clips snap into the locked position when the module is firmly seated in the connector.
    Note: If you can see a gap between the module and the retaining clips, the module has not been correctly inserted. Open the retaining clips, remove the module, and then reinsert it.