Working with deployment task process properties

You can add deployment process properties, edit existing properties, and remove added properties.

Use the System Settings page to enable the specification of IBM™ UrbanCode™ Deploy properties when adding automatic tasks to a deployment plan. When the Set UCD Task Properties feature is enabled, you can view, modify, and add process properties related to an IBM UrbanCode Deploy application process.

When you edit a task, process property information is displayed under the Advanced tab. The UCD Process Propeties table lists the defined properties, their current and default value, and type of property. The table contains properties from the IBM UrbanCode Deploy integration and any user added properties. .

Use the Action field in the table, to modify a process property by clicking the edit icon (Edit icon). You can change the current value of the property by typing in the new value or map it to a Release Property. If the Map from Release Properties field is enabled, a list of available Release Properties is displayed for you to select the property to be mapped to the process property. To save your changes, click Save and the updates are displayed in the table.

Click the Add Property to create a new process property. Complete the Name and Value fields. Any property that has been added can be deleted. The delete icon (Delete icon) is displayed in the Action column.