Removing IBM Installation Manager

After installing IBM® UrbanCode™ Release Version 6.2.2 or later and there are no installed packages in IBM Installation Manager, you can remove the IBM Installation Manager application.

Install IBM UrbanCode Release Version 6.2.2 or later using the new installation process before removing IBM Installation Manager.

  1. Stop the IBM UrbanCode Release server.
  2. Remove the previous installed IBM UrbanCode Release version.
    Use either the IBM Installation Manager wizard or commands to uninstall the IBM UrbanCode Release package.
    Removing the IBM UrbanCode Release package causes an error message to be displayed. Such as the following message.
    CRIMA1075E: Unable to find custom install operation ...
    This is an expected message and no action is required.
  3. Start IBM UrbanCode Release to verify that it starts as expected.
  4. Uninstall IBM Installation Manager.
    Before you remove IBM Installation Manager, you must uninstall all packages that were installed by IBM Installation Manager.
    You can uninstall a package using the IBM Installation Manager wizard or in silent mode.