Displaying test progress for applications

You can add up to three columns to contain information related to testing applications. To help you monitor testing progress, you can specify information to display on application testing.

Configure the table on the Release Details page to provide a completion percentage for a specific type of testing your organization performs on applications. For example, if there are three types of testing performed such as function, system, and globalization, you can define and track the progress of each separately.

After the column is created, you can edit the value field of a column and specify a percent value that reflects the current test status for the application.

  1. Click Settings > System Settings.
  2. In one or more of the Release Testing Column number fields type a name to be displayed for the column.

    There is no limit on the length of the string for column name, however, names with more than eight characters will wrap.

  3. Click Save.
    The success message displays, click Close.

The added columns are on the Release Details page under the Participating Applications section.

To set a completion value for a column, click on the value for the column. The Testing Percentage Complete dialog box opens.
  1. Enter an integer value of 0 through 100 in the Testing Percentage field.
  2. Click Save. The value you specified is displayed in the column.