Subscribing to product updates from the IBM Support Portal

To receive automatic updates when IBM® publishes new support content for IBM UrbanCode™ Release, subscribe to weekly email updates or RSS feeds. Support content might include information about new releases, fixes, technotes, APARs, and support flashes.

To sign up for email updates, you must be a registered user on the IBM Support Portal website.
  1. Open the IBM Support Portal website and log in.
  2. In the Common support links section, click Support notifications.
  3. In the Product lookup field, enter IBM UrbanCode Release.
  4. In the displayed list, click Subscribe.
    The Select document types window is displayed.
  5. Select the document types to receive notifications about, and then click Submit.
    IBM UrbanCode Release is displayed in the Product subscriptions list.
  6. To modify your notification delivery preferences, click Delivery preferences, modify your preferences, and click Submit.
    You can modify the email address that receives the notifications, the email frequency, the email format, and whether you receive translated notifications.