Installation roadmap

The installation roadmap list the high-level steps for installing your product.

Reviewing the high-level steps before you start the install process helps you to be prepared when prompted for information during the installation.
  1. Verify that your computer meets the minimum hardware and software requirements for installing the product.
  2. Verify that your user ID meets the requirements for installing and configuring the product.
  3. Install a database.
    • If you are installing the server in a production environment, a supporting database is required. Whether you install a database or use an existing installation of a database, you need the connection information for the database when you install the IBM UrbanCode Release server. See the appropriate topic for your database to determine what connection information is required for the installation procedure. See Installing the database for supported database details.
    • If you are not installing in a production environment, you can install an instance of Apache Derby, which is bundled with the product, when you install the IBM UrbanCode Release server. Details for the Apache Derby database are within the server installation procedure details.
  4. Install a Rational Common Licensing server and add licenses to it. For details, see the Rational Common Licensing documentation .
  5. Download the product files from IBM Passport Advantage.

    Download and extract the files for IBM UrbanCode Release to a directory that contains no spaces or double-byte characters. See the IBM UrbanCode Release download document.

  6. Install the server. Install the sever in interactive mode using the installation program provided with the product image. See Installing the server for details.

    If you are installing on a Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012, install IBM UrbanCode Release as a service to avoid problems with permissions. If you do not install as a IBM UrbanCode Release service or you start the Tomcat server using the command line, you must disable Windows User Account Control (UAC) manually. See Configuring Windows UAC for details.

  7. If you are installing IBM UrbanCode Release on multiple servers, you will need to repeat the installation process for each server. After installation is complete on all servers, configure the servers to work in synchronization.
  8. After the installation is complete, you can start the IBM UrbanCode Release server and access user interface.
  9. Perform any necessary post-installation task such as managing licenses and installing IBM UrbanCode Sync.