Bonus lesson: Creating users

Accessing the IBM® UrbanCode™ Release user interface requires a user ID and password verified by the product. This is a first approach to securing access to the development lifecycle process. But as you can imagine, using password authentication alone is not a strong security measure. The role-based security method described in this tutorial adds other layers that enhances security. However, user identification is the first task to perform in your environment.

Several methods can be used to define users.
  • Import users from an authentication realm, such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). The authentication realm contains user names and passwords. See the topics associated with Authentication realms for how the LDAP directory is used to authenticate users to IBM UrbanCode Release.
  • Set up an authorization realm using data in a secure storage directory, such as an LDAP directory to verify user ID and passwords. The topics associated with Authorization realms describe the process for using the LDAP directory as an authorization realm.
  • Manually create users by using IBM UrbanCode Release. This method is used to add a few users or users that are not included in the LDAP directory being used. The instructions for manually adding a user are described in the following Procedure section and in the Manually creating users topic.

Just like other tasks that need to be performed, adding users is limited to users who have that level of access. If you have this level of access, you can create a user to perform the exercises in this tutorial using the steps below.

  1. From the IBM UrbanCode Release dashboard, click Manage Security, and then click Manage Users and Licenses.
  2. On the Manage Users page, click Add New.
  3. Complete the following fields.
    Type a user ID for the user account that will be used to log in.
    Actual Name
    Type the full name of the user.
    New Password
    Type the password for the user ID. The password must be at least five characters.
    Confirm New Password
    Type the password again.
    Type the email address of the user.
    Reserve License
    This is an optional field. When selected, a license is reserved for the user. You do not need to reserve a license for this tutorial.
  4. Click Save.

    The new user ID is added to the list on the Manage Users page.

  5. To make changes to the user, click the edit icon ().
    You can change the information entered when creating the user.
  6. Log into the product as the user that you created.
    What do you see on the dashboard?
    Answer: There are four items on the dashboard under two categories: Administration and Release Activities.

    Until the user is given a role on a team, the user has very limited access to product functions.

  7. Click Release Process under Administration.
    Notice that you can view defined lifecycles and you do not have the ability to edit any information. This is true for other items on the dashboard.


You have created a user that can be used throughout this tutorial. In later lessons, you will assign permissions to the user.

How can you define users in IBM UrbanCode Release?
  • Import users from an authentication realm..
  • Set up an authorization realm using data in a secure storage directory to verify user ID and passwords.
  • Manually create a user.
Does a new user have permission to add another user after the user is created?
Answer: No, until the user is assigned to a role on a team, the user has limited abilities.