Creating process checklist templates

A process checklist contains the milestones in a release. If you create a process checklist template, you can use the same process checklist in multiple releases.

If your release process includes a common set of milestones, you can create a process checklist template to describe them. These milestones represent any task or event that is associated with a release but that is not a deployment task.
  1. Click Release Process, and then click the Process Checklist Templates tab.
  2. Click Add New, and, in the displayed dialog box, supply a name.
  3. Optional: Enter a description of the process checklist.
  4. Click Save.
    The new process checklist template is included in the list.
  5. Click the process checklist template.
  6. Click Add Milestone.
  7. Provide details for the milestone:
    1. Specify the milestone name.
    2. From the Role list, select the role that a user must be assigned to complete the milestone.
    3. Specify the notes for the milestone.
    4. In the Date Offset field, enter the number of days before or after the target release date that the milestone occurs.
      If the milestone occurs on the target release date, specify a Date Offset of 0.
    5. From the Orientation list, specify whether the milestone occurs before or after the target release date.
      If the milestone occurs on the target release date, select After.
    6. Click Save.
      The milestone is displayed in the process checklist template.
  8. In this way, add all the milestones that are associated with the process checklist.
You can apply the process checklist template to a lifecycle or an individual release.