Creating and assigning quality statuses

Apply quality statuses to applications and phases to ensure that they meet the criteria you set. Determine whether an application is ready to deploy by monitoring the statuses that are applied to an application version.

You define quality statuses to reflect the criteria that you require in your release process. A criterion can be the completion of a testing activity or the completion of a review process. When the application version meets the criteria, you apply the status to it. If your release process requires an application to meet multiple criteria, you can apply multiple quality statuses to the application version. Then, you can determine whether the application is ready for deployment by inspecting application statuses.

You use gates to control the progression of a release through its lifecycle phases by adding gates to phases. The application version must contain all the quality statuses that are included in a gate before it can enter that phase. For example, an application might have to pass a set of tests before it enters a quality assurance phase or receive a quality check before it enters production.

You can create quality statuses and apply them to application versions in IBM® UrbanCode™ Release. You also can create snapshot statuses, apply them to application snapshots in IBM™ UrbanCode Deploy, and import the snapshot statuses into IBM UrbanCode Release.

  1. To create a status, follow these steps:
    1. From the IBM UrbanCode Release dashboard, click Release Process, and then click Quality Statuses.
    2. Click Add New.
    3. In the Quality Status pane, specify the name.
    4. Optional: Specify the quality status' description and select a display color.
    5. Click Save.
      The new status is added to the quality status list.
  2. To set the quality status as a gate in a lifecycle phase, follow these steps:
    1. Click the Lifecycles tab and select the lifecycle to add the gate.
    2. In the pane that is associated with the phase, click Add Gate.
    3. From the Gate list, select the gate.
    4. Click Save.
      The quality status is listed as a gate criteria for the phase.
  3. To apply a quality status to an application version, follow these steps:
    Note: You can grant an application a status that is related to the completion of an automated task in an application process in IBM UrbanCode Deploy. The status must be present on IBM UrbanCode Release before you run the application process. First, create a snapshot status in IBM UrbanCode Deploy, and then, in IBM UrbanCode Release, run a manual integration of the server. See Integrating with IBM UrbanCode Deploy. Add steps from the IBM UrbanCode Release plug-in for IBM UrbanCode Deploy to the application process to detect the snapshot ID and apply the status to the snapshot. See How to use the IBM UrbanCode Release plug-in part 3: Add Snapshot Status step.
    1. Click Applications, and then select the application and the application version.
    2. From the application version's Quality Status Detail page, click Add Quality Status.
    3. From the displayed Quality Status list, select the quality status, and then click Save.