Enabling and changing licenses

The license server is typically configured during the installation process to obtain licenses to use IBM® UrbanCode™ Release. You can configure or change the license server after installation on the System Settings page.

To configure the license server, you need to obtain the license server connection information from your administrator. Obtain the information before configuring the server to prevent stopping the process and waiting for the information. To configure the license server during the installation process, see Installing the server.

  1. Click Settings > System Settings.
  2. In the License Server URL field, type one or more Rational License servers. Specify each in the format: port@hostname. For example,
    If specifying more than one server,
    • For Windows operating systems, separate each with a semi-colon (;)
    • For Linux operating systems, separate each with a colon (:)
    For more complicated license server scenarios, see Creating a text file that specifies license servers.

For information on license types, see License types. For details on license servers, see Configuring the Rational License Key Server.

Note: Non-licensed users can log on to IBM UrbanCode Release but they are restricted to a few read-only permissions. A system message explains the restrictions.