Assigning authorized licenses

You can assign and remove authorized licenses from specific users on the Manage Users page

An authorized license is assigned to a specific individual, and cannot be reassigned unless it is first removed from the current assignee. For example, if you purchase one authorized license, you can assign that license to one individual who uses the license exclusively. That user is referred to as a reserved user or reserved participant. Another user cannot use the authorized license even if the reserved user is not using the product.

  1. Click the navigation list arrow, and then click Manage Security > Users & Licenses to open the Manage Users page.
  2. Select the Edit tool for the user to whom you want to assign or remove an authorized user license.
  3. Modify license assignments by taking one of the following steps:
    • To assign an authorized user license, select the Reserve License check box
    • To remove an authorized user license, clear the Reserve License check box
  4. Save your work.