Creating plug-ins

You can create plug-ins that you can install into IBM® UrbanCode™ Release. A plug-in consists of XML files and any supporting script files that are required by the plug-in.

  • The plugin.xml file defines the steps that compose the plug-in.
  • The upgrade.xml file is used to upgrade the plug-in to a new version.
  • The info.xml file contains a version ID and other information describes the plug-in.
Note: The plug-in files must use UTF-8 encoding.

After a plug-in is created, upload it into IBM UrbanCode Release to make it available to users. To upload a plug-in, create an archive file that contains the plug-in XML files along with any scripts required by the plug-in. Then, import the archive file with the Plugins pane.

  1. Create the plugin.xml file
  2. Create the info.xml file
  3. Create the upgrade.xml file
  4. Package and import the plug-in into the product