Configuring release environments

Create release environments for IBM® UrbanCode™ Release. Release environments represent deployment targets. Associate IBM™ UrbanCode Deploy application environments to the release environments.

If you plan to import application environments from IBM UrbanCode Deploy, set up a connection to the server as described in Integrating with IBM UrbanCode Deploy. After you configure an integration, import applications from IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

A release environment represents a deployment target. You assign one or more release environments to each release lifecycle phase. After you assign a release environment to a release, reserve the environment for the planned deployment date. When you run a deployment, you select one of the release environments attached to the release.

Typically, you add imported application environments to release environments. By adding application environments to a release environment, the application environments become available to all the releases where the release environment is assigned. When you run a deployment for a release environment, application environments that are assigned to the release environment are automatically selected and available for the deployment. A release environment can contain any number of application environments, and application environments can belong to more than one release environment. The Environments page shows the list of available release and application environments.

  1. From the IBM UrbanCode Release dashboard, click Environments, and then click Release Environments.
    The Release Environments page displays release environments along with application environments imported from IBM UrbanCode Deploy.
  2. Create a release environment by completing these steps:
    1. Click Add Release Environment.
    2. In the Environment dialog box, in the Name field, enter the name for the environment.
    3. Click Save.
      The environment is displayed in the Release Environments list.
  3. Assign application environments to release environments by dragging the application environments and dropping them onto the release environments.
    You can add an application environment to any number of release environments. You can filter the display of the contents of both environment panes by using the search boxes at the top of the panes.
Add release environments to release lifecycle phases. See Creating releases and specifying release details.