Configuring a DB2 database

You can use DB2® database as a supporting database with the IBM® UrbanCode™ Release server.

When you install IBM UrbanCode Release, you need the database connection information and the JDBC JAR file. The user account for the database must have table creation privileges.

The IBM UrbanCode Release database consists of approximately fifty tables. While storage requirements vary by installation, database storage of 10-20 GB is sufficient for most installations. The default storage values based on the size of your site should be sufficient, with additional storage for each concurrent user. See the DB2 documentation for information about determining the size of your site and the amount of storage required.

To configure the DB2 database complete the following procedure:

  1. Create a database named ibm_ucr with the maximum page size:
  2. Obtain the DB2 JDBC driver JAR file for the edition of DB2 that you are using. This file must be available when you install IBM UrbanCode Release.
  3. Record the values of the database parameters so that you can supply them when you install the server. The following parameters are typical for an installation of DB2 database that is used to support IBM UrbanCode Release:
    Parameter Value
    Database user name db2inst1
    Database password user_account_password
    Database driver class
    Database connection string jdbc:db2://database_server:50000/ibm_ucr