Importing work items as initiatives

You can import work items from IBM® Rational® Team Concert™ as initiatives. During the import process, work items of the type that you specify are imported as initiatives. Additionally, all child work items of the type that you specify are imported as changes that are related to the parent initiative.

Note: When you import work items as initiatives, all child work items are imported but only one level of hierarchy is preserved. Child work items that are of the type that you specify are imported as separate initiatives.
Restriction: The integration implementation is unidirectional and for informational purposes only. You can view and import work items into IBM UrbanCode™ Release, but you cannot edit them in the application. You must update work items in Rational Team Concert.

You set up the integration in IBM UrbanCode Release. You can create a separate integration for each Rational Team Concert Project.

Note: You can retrieve work item updates from the Rational Team Concert server manually by clicking Run Integration when you want the most recent information from Rational Team Concert in IBM UrbanCode Release. Or you can configure IBM UrbanCode Release to poll the Rational Team Concert server automatically on a set frequency. You can set the frequency between every minute and daily. IBM UrbanCode Release can automatically poll the Rational Team Concert server for updates to multiple projects in parallel.
  1. In Rational Team Concert, create a query for the project area.
  2. In IBM UrbanCode Release, click the navigation list arrow, click Integrations, and then click the integration with the Rational Team Concert server.
  3. In the Mapping section, select a project area, and then select a query.
  4. Map the fields. Under Initiatives, select all the work item types to convert into initiatives.
    The work item types that are displayed in the Initiatives list are read dynamically from the project area in Rational Team Concert.
  5. Click Run Integration.

Work items of the specified type and all child work items are imported into IBM UrbanCode Release as initiatives and changes. To view the imported items, click Initiatives.