Organizing changes into initiatives

After you create changes, you can group similar changes into initiatives. An initiative is work that is related to releases and applications that are centered around a theme.

In the release tool, you can capture changes in your work by creating change items. A change is a modification that is made to a system such as a bug fix, new feature implementation, task, or some other work. You can group related change items into initiatives. For example, if a release contains several change items that deal with improving performance, you can create an initiative that is called Performance Improvements. Then, you can assign all the performance-related change items to that initiative.

You can also import changes from external products such as JIRA and IBM® Rational® Team Concert™. During the import process, Rational Team Concert and JIRA items are converted into changes. You assign these changes to initiatives during the import process.

To associate changes with an initiative:

  1. From the IBM UrbanCode™ Release dashboard, click Initiatives, and then click Add New.
  2. Complete the details on the page to create an initiative.
  3. Optional: To create a change, click the navigation list arrow, click Changes then, click Add New, and then complete the details.
  4. To group change items into initiatives, on the Changes page, select a change item.
  5. In the Assign Selected To section, choose an initiative, and then click Update.
    Note: You can assign a work item to only one release and one application, but you can assign a work item to multiple initiatives. With multiple assignments, you can view the progress of work items that deal with a similar theme, such as performance, over different releases.