IBM® UrbanCode™ Release applications.

The term application is used in two ways. First, it refers to the applications that you import from IBM™ UrbanCode Deploy and run with automated deploy tasks. Second, the term application refers to objects you can create with IBM UrbanCode Release and manage with manual tasks. Manual applications do not have automated processes and are used to manage activities related to applications, such as preparing their environments. Although you can create a release that is composed entirely of milestones and infrastructure-related tasks, most releases involve deploying applications with automated deploy tasks.

To use IBM UrbanCode Deploy applications, you use a plug-in to connection to IBM UrbanCode Deploy and then run integrations. After the applications are imported, you can assign them to releases and manage them with automated deploy tasks. All applications are available for you to add to a release. A release can contain one or more applications and an application can be part of any number of releases.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy applications

The application is the core automation tool in IBM UrbanCode Deploy. When you run an application in IBM UrbanCode Deploy, you run an application process on component versions in a particular application environment. When you import an IBM UrbanCode Deploy application into IBM UrbanCode Release, the constituent parts of the application are imported and available for you to use. In IBM UrbanCode Release, you can assign an application process to an automated deploy task and when you run the task it triggers the application process in IBM UrbanCode Deploy. When tasks run, status feedback is provided and if a problem occurs, you can jump to the application in IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

Manual applications

Manual applications provide a mechanism to assign a version scheme to objects. Like IBM UrbanCode Deploy applications, you can assign version numbers to manual applications. Unlike IBM UrbanCode Deploy applications, you do not assign manual applications to automated deploy tasks but assign them to manual tasks instead.