This resource type represents a disk attachment on Google Cloud Platform.

In the blueprint designer, you can configure the properties that the following table includes. Properties are listed as either core or extended. Each type of property is located in separate sections of the heat resource that you can view in the blueprint designer. You set the core properties in the properties section and set the extended properties in the metadata section of the blueprint.

Table 1. Properties
Name Type Required Core or extended Description
availability_zone String False Extended Availability zone of resources.
instance_uuid String True Core The ID of the server to which the volume attaches.
mode String False Extended Read/write mode of the attached disk. The following values are allowed:
mountpoint String False Core The location where the volume is exposed on the instance. This assignment may not be honored and it is advised that the path /dev/disk/by-id/virtio-VolumeId be used instead.
volume_id String False Core The ID of the associated volume.
This resource type has no attributes.