This resource type represents an automatic scaling policy on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. It extends the type OS::Heat::ScalingPolicy.

The blueprint uses the core properties and extended properties, if any, from this resource type. Review and configure the applicable heat resources that apply to your configuration information.

In the blueprint designer, you can configure the properties that the following table includes. Properties are listed as either core or extended. Each type of property is located in separate sections of the heat resource that you can view in the blueprint designer. You set the core properties in the properties section and set the extended properties in the metadata section of the blueprint.

Table 1. Properties
Name Type Required Core or extended Description
adjustment_type String True Core Type of adjustment (absolute or percentage). The following values are allowed:
  • change_in_capacity
  • exact_capacity
  • percent_change_in_capacity
  • ChangeInCapacity
  • ExactCapacity
  • PercentChangeInCapacity
auto_scaling_group_id String True Core Automatic scaling group ID to apply policy to.
cooldown Number False Core Cooldown period, in seconds.
name String False Core Name of scaling policy.
scaling_adjustment Number True Core Size of adjustment.
This resource type has no attributes.