Releasing LOB space in Microsoft SQL Server databases

You can release the large object (LOB) storage in the Microsoft SQL Server database.


Plan downtime for upgrading IBM® UrbanCode® Deploy and releasing LOB space.


Release LOB storage for Microsoft SQL Server database using the following steps:
  1. Set the versioned_config.upgrade.enabled=true parameter in the conf/server/ file.
  2. Restart the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server.
  3. Check on the progress of the conversion:
    select count(*) from vc_persistent_record where persistent_data is not null

    The compression process is complete when the row count reported by the query is 0.

  4. Check the database size:
    EXEC sp_spaceused @updateusage = N'TRUE';
  5. Compress the database table:
    DBCC SHRINKDATABASE (dbname, 0);


  1. Verify that the space is reduced:
    EXEC sp_spaceused @updateusage = N'TRUE';
  2. Set the versioned_config.upgrade.enabled parameter back to false in the conf/server/ file.