Creating files

You can create projects, blueprints, configuration files, folders, and many other type of the files in the blueprint designer.

  1. Click Blueprints.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select the file type from the Type list. The following file types are available:
    • Select Project to create either a Terraform or Cloud Automation Manager project. A project is a collection of files that make up a Terraform blueprint.
    • Select Blueprint to create a file that defines a cloud environment and its components.
    • Select Configuration to create files to manage variables. See Editing configuration files.
    • Select Folder to create an internal folder for an existing repository.
    • Select Other to create different types of files to be used by a blueprint.
  4. Specify the name for the artifact to be created in the Add a New window. It could be a project, blueprint, folder etc.
    Note: You must use a unique name. If your blueprint name contains the same sequence of alphanumeric characters with different capitalization as an existing blueprint, only one blueprint will be available to provision from the IBM® UrbanCode® Deploy server.
  5. Select a repository from the Repository list. The repository list contains the default project, team repositories, and locally cloned remote Git repositories. The default project is not associated with any remote Git repository and files in this project can not be shared with other users. Team repositories are shared with all team members, but can be provisioned using local provisioning only.
  6. Select the folder name from the Folder list to set the folder in which the artifact is saved.
  7. Click Clone to copy the contents of an existing source.
    If you selected an existing file, you can create a copy of that file. You can also import the contents of a file from your file system or paste the contents into the new file.
  8. Add a description of the file.
  9. Click Save.

To open a file, go to the Blueprints page, click on the file name from the Files list.

To open a project, go to the Blueprints page, click any file from the project folder in the Files list.

If you created a blueprint, you can work with it in the diagram editor or the source-code editor.

Note: You can also clone a repository and access it from within the blueprint designer. From the Repositories list, click Clone Repository, and then specify a URL.