IBM z/OS component versions

Component versions forIBM® z/OS® are imported from the build LPAR by using the command.

Note: The user account that runs must have access to the UNIX™ directories and files and MVS™ data sets. Refer to IBM z/OS directories and data sets.
The user account used to import versions must have the following:
  • Access to the Time Sharing Option (TSO) and Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) environments
  • Sufficient virtual memory to run Java™ in the OMVS address space. A minimum of 200 MB of virtual memory is required. The following list includes typical values for RACF® configuration parameters that specify virtual memory:
    • ASSIZEMAX= 2147483647
    • FILEPROCMAX= 00524287
    • PROCUSERMAX= 00032767
    • THREADSMAX= 00100000