Accessing the server in a Kubernetes cluster

You can to access and start the IBM® UrbanCode® Deploy server in the Kubernetes cluster.

Ensure that the server is correctly installed in your Kubernetes environment. See Installing the server in Openshift/Kubernetes cluster.

The output of the helm status <releaseName> command provides commands that contain the URL of your server.
  1. Run the commands to obtain the server's URL:

    $ helm status ucdtest

    Where, ucdtest is the <releaseName>.

    The following output message is displayed and shows the application availability at the echo command.

    NAME: ucdtest
    LAST DEPLOYED: Wed May 17 19:29:55 2023
    NAMESPACE: namespacename
    STATUS: deployed
    TEST SUITE: None
    The application is now starting and will be available at:
      echo https://$(oc get routes/ucdtest-opr-ibm-ucd-prod --no-headers)
  2. Run the echo command displayed in the output message to identify the URL to use to access the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server:

    $ echo https://$(oc get routes/ucdtest-opr-ibm-ucd-prod -o=custom- --no-headers)

    The output of the command displays the server URL: $

You can access the IBM UrbanCode Deploy by using the URL output of the echo command.