Running processes

The way you run a process is different for each type of process.

To run a process, you must have permissions to access the processes and to run processes on the target agent resource.
Component processes
You cannot run a component process directly. Instead, you add one or more component processes to an application process and then run the application process.
Application processes
To run an application process, you must have an application environment. Click Applications, click the application, and then next to the environment, click Request Process . Then, specify the application process and the versions of the components to use. For more information, see Running application processes.
Generic processes
To run a generic process, click Processes, and then click the generic process. On the Dashboard tab for the process, specify a resource (in most cases, an agent) in the Resource list, and then click Submit.
Tip: You can set a default resource for generic processes:
  1. Click the generic process to open it.
  2. Open the Configuration tab.
  3. Click Basic Settings.
  4. In the Default Resource field, specify the default resource to run the process on. In most cases, specify an agent.
  5. Click Save.

Each time you request a process, the server keeps a log of information about the process and the individual logs from each step. To download these logs, open the process request and click Download All Logs.