What's new in IBM UrbanCode Deploy

The latest version of IBM™ UrbanCode™ Deploy, includes new functions and enhancements.

Updated Jetty to 9.4.48


JVM management and distribution
You can upload JVMs to the IBM UrbanCode Deploy. You can view and manage them in a dedicated page. Once uploaded to the server, JVMs can be distributed to agents via the web UI or CLI. The agent automatically upgrades to the provided JVM. Additional, Java management features are:
  • Java package for a particular OS and architecture can be set as preferred. The preferred java package can be installed on multiple agents using the bulk actions menu.
  • Removal of unused java packages on multiple agents is possible.
  • Support for compact agents for Windows. Compact agents are required for Java package management.
Agents upgraded as compact

When an agent is installed or upgraded on a platform that supports compact agents, the agent is converted as a compact agent.

Hardening of logging configuration
For security of logging, Log4j is removed from the product. The new Logging feature provides users an easy-to-use UI for logging configuration.
Removed $productName/java.home from agent
The $productName/java.home property is removed from agent properties file. Upgraded agents are compact agents that does not require Java home property.
Updated the sshInstallAgent/installNewAgent CLI endpoint as POST request
For security purposes, the sshInstallAgent/installNewAgent CLI endpoint is updated to post the install agent informaton without the sshPassword.
Updated Groovy to 3.0.10
Updated Jackson to