Changing the local Git server password

To improve the security of your local Git repository, change the default password.

  1. Access the local Git server management page from your web browser.
    The URL for the Git server management page is derived from the URL for your blueprint designer and is listed on the System Settings tab.
    If you access your blueprint designer from https://blueprint_designer.my_company:8443/landscaper, then you access your local Git server management page from https://blueprint_designer.my_company:8443/gitblit.
    Note: If you cannot access the local Git server, then restart the blueprint design server. If you installed the blueprint design server on AIX® or z/OS®, you must restart the blueprint design server to access the local Git server.
  2. Enter the local Git server user name and password, and click login.
    By default, both the user name and password are gitadmin.
  3. Click the user icon, and select change password from the list.
  4. Enter the new password in both the password and confirm password fields, and click save.
  5. Return to the blueprint design server, and log in as a user who has the Admin role.
  6. Click Settings > System Settings.
  7. In the Password field of the Local Git Server section, enter the new password.
  8. Click Save.