Importing user accounts from IBM UrbanCode Deploy to the blueprint design server

You can use an authentication realm to import user accounts from an IBM® UrbanCode® Deploy server. Then, users can log in to the blueprint design server with the same accounts as the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server.

  • Importing accounts in this way requires IBM UrbanCode Deploy version or later.
  • Obtain either a token or a user name and password for the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server.
  • On the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server, set permissions for the users, including giving the users access to components.
    Note: When a user logs in to the blueprint designer with an account from IBM UrbanCode Deploy, that user sees only the components that they could see if they logged in to the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server. If a user logs in with account from a different authentication realm, that user sees the components that are associated with the token or user account that is on the System Settings page.
  1. Log in to the blueprint designer as a user with the following System permissions:
    • Configure Security
    • Manage Users & Groups
  2. Click Settings > Users.
  3. Click Create New Realm.
  4. Specify a name and description for the new authentication realm.
  5. In the Allowed Login Attempts list, specify the number of times that a user can attempt to log in before the account is locked.
    A blank value means that an unlimited number of attempts are allowed.
  6. In the Type list, select UrbanCode Deploy.
  7. In the UrbanCode Server URL field, specify the full URL of the server, such as
  8. To authenticate with a token, select Token Based Authentication and specify the token in the Token field.
  9. To authenticate with a user name and password, clear Token Based Authentication and specify the user name and password.
  10. Click Save.
    The new realm opens, showing the table of users.
  11. Click Import Users, and then click Import to import users from the authentication realm.
Now users can use the same credentials on the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server and on the blueprint design server.
Add the users to groups and teams. You must add users to teams to give the users permission to work with blueprints and cloud resources.