Get a configuration file

This command returns a JSON representation of a specific version of a configuration file. You specify the configuration file in the Location header.


GET http://{hostname}:{port}
Accept: application/json
Location: {blueprintLocation}
Table 1. URL parameters
Parameter Type Required Description
configurationVersion string true Name of the version of the configuration file
blueprintId string true The name or ID of the blueprint. The command assumes that the blueprint is in the default repository and that the file has the name of the parameter value with the extension .yml. If the Location header is specified, this parameter is ignored.
configurationId string true Name or ID of the configuration file
Table 2. Header parameters
Parameter Type Required Description
Accept application/json true
Location string false The full location of the configuration file to use, such as /landscaper/orion/file/jsmith_00000000_2-OrionContent/default/configurations/my_config.yml.


curl -u jsmith:passwd

Example response

    "parameters": {
        "flavor": "m1.small",
        "key_name": "TODO",
        "network_id_demo-net": "6b174235-b664-4bc6-9c60-c5ea9a54c019",
        "public_network_id": "demo-net",
        "server_url": "",
        "ucd_password": "TODO",
        "ucd_server_url": "",
        "ucd_user": "admin"