Terraform Overview

This section provides overview of the Terraform orchestration service.

The UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer supports Terraform as a design and provisioning target for full-stack orchestration. Terraform is an open source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) orchestration technology developed by Hashicorp (www.terraform.io) and supports numerous cloud platforms and other technologies.

  • Design: Create complex Terraform infrastructure graphically using Blueprint Designer's intuitive Terraform design, using drag-and-drop, as well as modify your Terraform in a source editor. See Designing Terraform Blueprints for more information.
  • Git Integration: Use the built-in Git integration in Blueprint Designer to manage your Terraform source as true Infrastructure as Code.
  • Terraform Modules: Use the Module Discovery Service to dynamically load module inputs and outputs from multiple module sources.
  • Provision: Deploy your Terraform using the included Terraform orchestration service to plan, apply, modify, and destroy your Terraform. See Provisioning Terraform Blueprints for more information.
  • Manage: Manage your existing Terraform environments, inputs, outputs, and access the persistent Terraform state. See Managing Terraform Environments for more information.
  • Cloud Platforms: Create Terraform content for several supported cloud providers and securely manage cloud credentials.
  • Integrations: Leverage built-in integrations with UCD for application deployments, vRealize Automation, and Cloud Automation Manager.
  • Automation: Automate the Blueprint Designer provisioning via full REST API.

The Cloud Automation Manager uses open source Terraform to manage and deliver cloud infrastructure as code. Cloud infrastructure that is delivered as code is reusable, can be placed under version control, can be shared across distributed teams, and can be used to easily replicate environments.