Lesson 4: Deploying the application

Deploy the blue-green application.

Before you begin the tutorial, complete the previous lesson.
To deploy the blue-green application, run the application in the inactive environment. If you mistakenly run the application in the active environment, the process ends before any components are deployed. When the deployment finishes, the property that maintains the currently active environment is updated.
  1. Run the deployment in the Green environment.
    The tutorial initially sets the active environment to the Blue environment.
  2. On the Request Process page, select the process that you created for the tutorial, Blue-green.

    Blue-green request process in the Green environment
  3. Go to Choose Component Versions and click Select For All > Latest Available.
The web page shows you the progress of the application process request. From this page, you can watch as the processes run.
If the application process did not run successfully, one of the component processes might have failed. To troubleshoot this failed process, expand the log section for the component, and find the step that failed:
The log for the application process request, showing a component process that did not complete
From here, you can look at the command-line output log for each step in the process by clicking the Output Log icon.

If one of your component processes did not complete, identify the step that did not complete. Verify that the properties for that step are correct and that the steps are in the correct order in the process. Then, run the application process again.