Deploying a Terraform Environment

This topic explains how to deploy Terraform environment from your Terraform blueprint.

  • Define a Terraform orchestration service in the Blueprint Designer.
  • Verify that the orchestration service test connection is successful.
  • Make sure the user who provisions templates has access to the Terraform service.
  1. Click Blueprints and navigate to the Terraform template location in the Blueprint Designer.
  2. Click Provision… on the toolbar.
  3. Click Deploy to deploy an environment. Deploy is the default option.
  4. Select the orchestration service you wish to provision. The orchestration service should already be configured, see Prerequisites section.
  5. Enter the name of the new environment.
  6. Select the reference location from which the project will be provisioned in the Provision Location:
    • Local: Provision the blueprint based on the file located in Blueprint Designer.
    • Git: From the repository manager, select your remote repository location. For example: GitHub. If your project is in private repository, enter your access token.
  7. Click Next: Edit Variables.