License management

IBM® UrbanCode™ Deploy provides a 60-day license-free evaluation period. To use all product features after the evaluation period, you must have a license.

Unless you provide the location of a license server when you install IBM UrbanCode Deploy, a 60-day evaluation period begins when you install the product. During evaluation, you can use all product features. A message on the web-based UI displays the number of days that remain in the evaluation period.

After the evaluation period, you can access IBM UrbanCode Deploy to view and edit items but you cannot run deployments. You can apply a license at any time.

For more information about setting up a Rational® Common Licensing server and applying licenses, see the Rational Common Licensing help: Rational Common Licensing v8.1.4 - documentation.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy is supported on z/Linux. However, the licensing component is not supported on z/Linux, so in this case, you must use an alternative means of proving your compliance with your licenses.
Note: To minimize interruptions in access to your license server, you can configure it for high availability. See High-availability options for Rational License Key Server.