Changing passwords for the server KeyStore

You can change the Java™ KeyStore password for the server.

About this task

The server Java KeyStore password must be identical to its certificate password. After you change both the server KeyStore password and certificate password, you must update the password in the server properties.


  1. Stop the server.
  2. Open a command-line window, and go to the app_data/conf directory.
  3. Change the server KeyStore password by using this command:
    keytool -storepasswd -new newpassword -keystore server.keystore
    -storepass changeit
    The default server password is changeit. The keytool application is included in the Java developer kit and is not part of IBM® UrbanCode™ Deploy.
  4. Change the certificate password by using this command:
    keytool -keypasswd -alias server -keypass changeit -new newpassword -keystore server.keystore -storepass newpassword
    The default server alias is server.
  5. In a text editor, open the server-install\conf\server\ file.
  6. Specify the new Java KeyStore password for the server in the following line of code:
    The property takes precedence over the server.keystore.password property. If it is present in server-install\conf\server\ file, update its password with this code: This property applies to all relevant KeyStores.
  7. Start the server.


The server keystore password is changed and is obfuscated in the server-install/conf/server/ file.