License management

Connect the IBM® UrbanCode™ Build server to a Rational License Key Server. IBM UrbanCode Build provides a 60-day license-free evaluation period.

To use your licenses, connect the IBM UrbanCode Build server to the Rational License Key Server that maintains your licenses. The Rational License Key Server assigns licenses to users as they are needed. You can connect to the Rational License Key Server when you install IBM UrbanCode Build or anytime afterward, see Configuring network settings.

If you do not connect to the Rational License Key Server during product installation, a 60-day evaluation period begins when you install the product. During evaluation, you can use all product features. A message on the web-based UI displays the number of days that remain in the evaluation period. After the evaluation period, some product features can no longer be used. You can access IBM UrbanCode Build to view and edit items but you cannot run builds.

Floating licenses and concurrent commits

IBM UrbanCode Build licenses are floating licenses. Floating-type licenses are available to all users and can be assigned to different users at different times. Licenses are retrieved from the Rational License Key Server and assigned automatically.

Licenses are assigned when creating new builds. A license is assigned to each person who has committed code to the source repository used in the build. The license is held for the user for a 30-day period.

The number of licenses that you purchase represents the number of concurrent users who can commit source code to a repository.

After the 60-day evaluation period, if an unlicensed user commits source code, a license is retrieved from the Rational License Key Server and assigned to the user for 30 days. If a licensed user commits source code, their license is reassigned to them, and the 30-day period restarts.

The first time that an unlicensed user cannot be assigned a license because all licenses are assigned, the activity proceeds as normal, and a 60-day grace period starts. Before the end of the grace period, you must purchase enough licenses to provide one for each unlicensed user who committed source code. If the required number of licenses is not acquired by the end of the grace period, an administrative lock is placed on the server.

Monitoring license use

IBM UrbanCode Build uses the IBM® License Metric Tool to collect and measure license utilization. The tool generates IBM® Software License Metric Tag (SLMT) files that track license use and provide metrics relevant to the licensing policy. For more information, see IBM License Metric Tool.

You can also review license usage on the Licenses page. The Licenses page provides several online reports and metrics about license use. See, Monitoring license usage.