IBM Unified Experience for z/OS

The IBM Unified Experience for z/OS is a browser-based user interface that is built on top of the open-source Zowe Virtual Desktop.

One intuitive interface seamlessly displays all installed software, or data management products, by logical grouping. Each data management product has its own features and interacts with its own relevant z/OS data, but the features and data of all enabled software are integrated into single unified user interface called the Unified Experience. For example, IMS software might allow you to register IMS subsystems and work with IMS objects. But if you also install and enable Db2® for z/OS software, you can register Db2 and IMS subsystems in the same Unified Experience by using many of the similar features. Any of the Db2 for z/OS experiences include all the features and functions provided in the Db2 Administration Foundation product. There is seamless integration between the Db2 Administration Foundation and any of the expert functions available in the Db2 experiences.

The benefits of the Unified Experience include:
  • Addresses the learning curve for new mainframe users.
  • Removes individual product barriers, allowing the logical flow and sharing of information in one common display.