IBM IMS Administration Foundation for z/OS

The IBM® IMS Administration Foundation for z/OS® is a component of IBM IMS Tools Base for z/OS. IMS Administration Foundation provides the foundation for managing IMS. It provides several of the basic features and functions for IMS system administrators and IMS database administrators.

IMS Administration Foundation provides capability of viewing IMS system and resource statuses. You can use its features after installing IMS Tools Base and activating the IMS Administration Foundation features on UMS. With IMS Administration Foundation, you can perform the following tasks:
  • Simplify your administrative tasks by using an IMS command processor and a SQL processor.
  • Drill down IMSplex components and IMS online resources to see their status and find their relations, or issue IMS commands.
  • Search the entire sysplex to retrieve information on IMS DBD, PSB, DBRC-defined groups, and IMS online resources and their relationships.
If you also installed some of IMS Tools products, extended features such as the following become available:
  • Viewing IMS Tools utility reports for databases, HALDB partitions, and DEDB areas.
  • Visualizing the database segment structure and segment relationships defined in DBDs and PSBs.
  • Detecting threshold exceptions for some selected database space statistics and reviewing those exceptions, history, and the trend of statistics associated with the exceptions.
  • Detecting if a database reorganization or an image copy is needed based on the pre-defined criteria.