Using Db2 DevOps Experience

You can use Db2 DevOps Experience as an application object management tool that can be built into the entire DevOps pipeline as the application test environment deployment pipeline through the REST APIs that are provided as part of Db2 DevOps Experience.

Important: To be able to use Db2 DevOps Experience features on your subsystems, you must have a specific DevOps Experience product installed and configured properly. If it is not yet installed, see Installing data management experiences.
Restriction: The current version of Db2 DevOps Experience does not support the following object types:
  • Simple table spaces
  • Index-controlled partitioning if the Db2 subsystem parameter PREVENT_NEW_IXCTRL_PART is set to YES.

For explanations of some of the basic concepts and key terms used in this product, see also Getting started.