Patient Registry

The existing UDMH Patient Registry content covering disease and non-disease registries, has been extended to deliver easy visualization of the registry structures.

The existing UDMH Patient Registry structures support the creation and maintenance of registries and registry entries to record any types of data without restriction.

The new content adds registry entry components that are common to many deployed registries without being specific to a particular registry. This approach enhances visualization without tying the model to individual registries of which there are thousands.

The new registry extensions might be considered as bridge constructs that support the association of selected patient data with a registry / registry entry.

New entities have been added to link Patient Registry Entry with:
  • Admission
  • Clinical Finding
  • Demographics
  • Diagnosis
  • Medication
  • Procedure
  • Surgery
The Patient Registry Entry / Clinical Finding entity, for example, includes key information about the clinical finding and links to the original clinical finding. This link acts as a way of identifying the subset of findings that are relevant to a particular registry and maintains an audit trail for the source of the registry entry data.