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The timespan data type

The timespan (time) data type represents a time interval.

timespan literals

Literals of type timespan have the syntax timespan(value), where a number of formats are supported for value, as indicated by the following table:

Value Length of time
2d 2 days
1.5h 1.5 hour
30m 30 minutes
10s 10 seconds
0.1s 0.1 second
100ms 100 millisecond
10microsecond 10 microseconds
1tick 100ns
time(15 seconds) 15 seconds
time(2) 2 days
time(0.12:34:56.7) 0d+12h+34m+56.7s

The special form time(null) is the null value.

timespan operators

Two values of type timespan may be added, subtracted, and divided. The last operation returns a value of type real representing the fractional number of times one value can fit the other.


The following example calculates how many seconds are in a day in several ways:

    result1 = 1d / 1s,
    result2 = time(1d) / time(1s),
    result3 = 24 * 60 * time(00:01:00) / time(1s)



result1 result2 resiult3
84600 84600 84600


The following query shows how the field "original_time" can be converted to a datetime format.

| project data_source_name, unix_time = original_time
| where unix_time > ago(4d) 
| summarize Data= data_source_name, Time = bin(unix_time, 60) 
| order by Time desc
| take 1 


Data Time
ciscoASASource2 1683629760000