Threat intelligence reports

On the Threat Intelligence Insights home page, you can take a top-down approach to threat intelligence by prioritizing threats that are relevant to you and your organization.

Threat intelligence is grouped into the following categories:
  • Top relevant threats

    Relevant threats that are determined to be significant and priority threats for your organization, and are sorted based on IBM®-calculated X-Force® Threat Scores.

  • Latest reports

    Most recent threat reports across threat activity, malware, threat groups, and industries, and top trending threat activities based on community interest. Learn more

  • Threats

    You can document your own findings on threats you are researching by creating threats for sharing and collaboration within your organization. Learn more

Use the search option to get the latest global threat intelligence. Information is sourced and consolidated from internal infrastructure and databases, and from open source content and third-party partnerships. All matching content that is found in Threat Intelligence Insights is returned in a report.

Important: Depending on your package, some report types might not be available to you or you might have only an [x] number of reports that you can access per report type. All reports that you are not authorized to view are locked, marked with a lock icon. You cannot run an Am I Affected scan on locked reports.