Export report

You can download a local copy of a report by exporting it in STIX 2 format.

Select Export as STIX 2 to download a local copy of the report in STIX 2 format.

This option is available on all report types, in the following pages:

Indicator reports of type IP, URL, Malware and Vulnerability can be exported.

What is STIX 2?

Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX™) is a language and serialization format that organizations can use to exchange cyber threat intelligence (CTI). CTI is represented with objects and descriptive relationships and stored as JSON for machine-readability.

STIX 2 delivers a consistent and machine-readable way to enable collaborative threat analysis, automated threat exchange, automated detection and response, and more.

To learn more about STIX 2, see the following references: