Create a Threat

You can create, view and edit a Threat by providing a threat outline and adding indicators relevant to the threat.

About this task

When you create a Threat, it is private by default. Only you can view and edit your Threat.


  1. On the Threat Intelligence Insights landing page, select Create a Threat.
  2. Assign a title for the Threat and click Create.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Provide details in the Threat outline.
    1. Describe the type of threat that is created.
    2. Give an overview of the threat involved.
    3. Share best practices for protection against this threat.
    4. Recommend a course of action, resources, or applications to remediate this threat.
    5. Add further resources and information about this threat.
  5. On the Indicators tab, you can choose to add an indicator.
    1. Click Add Indicator.
    2. List indicators relevant to the threat. You can also copy and paste text here. Anything that is recognized as an IP, URL, or hash is added as an indicator.

      Important: If you add more than 300 indicators of compromise to a Threat, the Am I Affected scan for that threat might not start.